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Severe weather kills 5 in Alabama, Tennessee

One storm ripped through Jackson County in northeastern Alabama, causing destruction over a 1.5-mile path, knocking down power lines and mangling mobile homes near the community of Rosalie. "We can't tell what kind of damage we've got (due to the dark ...

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CNNUpdated 4:06 PM ET, Wed November 30, 2016 Chat with us in Facebook MessengerFind out what's happening in the world as it unfolds./* jshint browser: true, maxparams: 8, node: false *//* globals jQuery, CNN, Modernizr */'use strict';CNN.INJECTOR.executeFeature('video').then(function () {CNN.VideoPlayer.handleUnmutePlayer = function handleUnmutePlayer(containerId, dataObj) {'use strict';var playerPropertyObj,rememberTime,unmuteCTA,unmuteIdSelector = 'unmute_' + containerId,isPlayerMute;dataObj = dataObj || {};isPlayerMute = (typeof dataObj.muted === 'boolean') ? dataObj.muted : false;if (CNN.VideoPlayer.playerProperties && CNN.VideoPlayer.playerProperties[containerId]) {playerPropertyObj = CNN.VideoPlayer.playerProperties[containerId];}if (playerPropertyObj.mute && playerPropertyObj.contentPlayed) {if (isPlayerMute === false) {unmuteCTA = jQuery(document.getElementById(unmuteIdSelector));window.cnnVideoManager.getPlayerByContainer(containerId).videoInstance.cvp.unmute();if 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window.ssid;}CNN.autoPlayVideoExist = (CNN.autoPlayVideoExist === true) ? true : false;CNN.VideoPlayer.getLibrary(configObj, callbackObj, isLivePlayer);});/* videodemanddust is a default feature of the injector */CNN.INJECTOR.scriptComplete('videodemanddust');JUST WATCHEDSevere weather barrels through SoutheastReplayMore Videos ...MUST WATCH{"@context": "","@type": "VideoObject","name": "Severe weather barrels through Southeast","description": "Three people have been killed in Alabama and two in Tennessee, including 20 injured in Athens, Tennessee, after a band of severe storms ripped through the states","thumbnailURL": "","image": "","duration": "PT1M12S","uploadDate": "2016-11-30T21:05:05Z","contentUrl": "","url": ""}Severe weather barrels through Southeast 01:11Story highlightsSevere weather has killed 3 people in Alabama and 2 in TennesseeMultiple storms are reported in the Southeast (CNN)A suspected tornado that tore through Alabama early Wednesday killed three people and injured at least two others, officials said.Two people also were killed in Tennessee in the band of severe weather that barreled through the SoutheastOne storm ripped through Jackson County in northeastern Alabama, causing destruction over a 1.5-mile path, knocking down power lines and mangling mobile homes near the community of Rosalie.A suspected tornado ripped through the town of Rosalie, Alabama, on WednesdayAt least three people died in the state "We can't tell what kind of damage we've got (due to the dark)," Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips told CNN affiliate WAFF-TV in Huntsville.var id = '//'.replace(/\s+/g, ');!!document.getElementById(id) || (function makeEmbedScript(d, id) {var js,fjs;js = d.createElement('script'); = id;js.charset = 'utf-8';js.setAttribute('async', ');fjs = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);js.src = '//';}(document, id));Ider Christian Daycare Academy also wiped out completely— Jake Berent WAFF (@JakeBerent) November 30, 2016 Jackson County Coroner Harry Laney told CNN that local officials and law enforcement have started to assess the damage to homes and treat injured residentsA search-and-rescue team has begun looking for others who may have been injured.Read Morevar id = '//'.replace(/\s+/g, ');!!document.getElementById(id) || (function makeEmbedScript(d, id) {var js,fjs;js = d.createElement('script'); = id;js.charset = 'utf-8';js.setAttribute('async', ');fjs = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);js.src = '//';}(document, id));Radar update 145am: Severe storms continue across the TN Valley this morning60+mph winds, a brief tornado possible with— NWS Huntsville (@NWSHuntsville) November 30, 2016 Much of Alabama, northwest Georgia and Tennessee remained under a tornado watch Wednesday afternoon.var id = '//'.replace(/\s+/g, ');!!document.getElementById(id) || (function makeEmbedScript(d, id) {var js,fjs;js = d.createElement('script'); = id;js.charset = 'utf-8';js.setAttribute('async', ');fjs = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);js.src = '//';}(document, id));Tornado watch for Southeast Alabama until 5p CT— James Spann (@spann) November 30, 2016 'Everybody is just pulling together'The National Weather Service also observed a possible tornado in neighboring DeKalb County that packed 40-mph winds."Everybody is just pulling together," Huntsville Emergency Medical Services IncDirector Don Webster told CNN affiliate WAAY-TV in Huntsville"It's a team effort: People (are) out here trying to help their neighbors (even if) they don't even know them, trying to work with themIt's good to see our community come together at times like this."Across the state in Colbert County, home to the famed recording center of Muscle Shoals, emergency responders had begun trying to determine how many homes were destroyed."We've had a community member lose their residence," Colbert Heights volunteer Fire Chief EJ Lindblom told WAAY"But nobody got seriously hurt and nobody has lost any life so we got that to be thankful for."Shelter from the stormMore than 50 miles southeast, about 70 people in Winston County were thankful to be alive after seeking refuge in a storm shelterThe shelter, installed three years ago, was built following a tornado outbreak in April 2011."My family, we left our house about four minutes before it got here," Christopher Hood, a Helicon volunteer firefighter, told CNN affiliate WBMA-TV in Birmingham"..It was standing room, rubbing elbows only."Hood could hear the wind whistle scream over the top of the shelter as debris smacked the exterior of the structure, damaging cars outside."It was just like a drum on the insideAnd it was loud, it was really loud," Hood said.The shelter survivedHowever, the adjacent Helicon Community Center, a new building that had just been completed, was destroyed.Thousands without power in AlabamaAlabama Power Coreported that about 3,500 customers are without power as a result of the strong band of storms overnight.Of those, 3,300 are in the state's western countiesThe remainder of outages are scattered throughout the Birmingham metro area, an Alabama Power media relations representative told CNN.CNN's Christine Sever and Kayla Rodgers contributed to this reportContent by LendingTreeRates hit 2.88% APR (15 yr)See if you're eligible Reverse mortgage: Worth the risk? Fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt Vets could receive up to $42k with these VA benefits Transfer your debt to a card with 0% APR for up to 21 months Paid partner contentDenim is getting darker-- and we love it Wallpaper 4 home technology essentials Wallpaper Crazy NYC architecture that never happened Wallpaper Paris Fashion Week 2017 Wallpaper 5 elevated city parks to visit Wallpaper var CNN = CNN || {};CNN.contentModel = { layout: "right-rail-tall" , sectionName: "us" , pageType: "article" , env: "prod" , type: "page" , analytics: {"pageTop":{"type":"video"},"headline":"Severe weather kills 5 in Alabama, Tennessee","author":"By Max Blau and Keith Allen, CNN","showName":"","isArticleVideoCollection":false,"publishDate":"2016-11-30T21:06:40Z","pageBranding":"extreme-weather","partner":"","cap_genre":"General News","cap_mediaType":"Text","cap_topics":"89S, BJ3, 80F, BLL, 51R, BJ1, 5FP, BLX, 8B4, BB7","chartbeat":{"sections":"us,bra-extreme-weather,art-vid"},"branding_content_page":"extreme-weather","branding_content_zone":["default"],"branding_content_container":["default"],"branding_content_card":[""]} , edition: "domestic" , title: "Severe weather kills 5 in Alabama, Tennessee" , companion: {"enabled":false,"layoutType":"none","layoutStates":{},"ids":{}} , siblings: {"articleList":[{"uri":"/2016/12/02/health/sandy-hook-gun-violence-psa-trnd/index.html","headline":"Sandy Hook PSA warns of subtle signs of gun violence","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/12/01/health/sandy-hook-gun-lawsuit-connecticut-supreme-court/index.html","headline":"State supreme court to hear families' appeal","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Connecticut's highest court will hear an appeal from the families of nine victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre who brought a lawsuit against gunmaker Remington.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2015/08/27/health/u-s-most-mass-shootings/index.html","headline":"Why the US has the most mass shootings","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"When it comes to gun massacres, the United States is tragically exceptional: There are more public mass shootings in the United States than in any other country in the world, according\u003cstrong> \u003c/strong>to a study\u003cstrong> \u003ca href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">\u003c/strong>published\u003cstrong> \u003c/strong>recently.\u003c/a>","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/12/health/gun-violence-forgotten-victims/index.html","headline":"The forgotten victims of gun violence","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/12/02/us/mississippi-isis-muhammad-dakhlalla-interview/index.html","headline":"Young ISIS recruit: I was blinded by love","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/12/02/health/va-dentist-exposure/index.html","headline":"Hundreds of VA dental patients possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Nearly 600 patients who received dental care at a Wisconsin Veterans Affairs medical center may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and C and now face an anxious wait to find out if they were infected.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/12/02/us/pipeline-concert-ceo-trnd/index.html","headline":"Dakota Access Pipeline CEO has a Cherokee music festival","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"The billionaire CEO building the \u003ca href=\"\">Dakota Access Pipeline\u003c/a> will continue to hold a music festival bearing the name Cherokee, a Native American tribe But there's a problem: Some artists are refusing to perform.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/12/02/us/baby-its-cold-outside-cover-trnd/index.html","headline":"Couple rewrites 'Baby It's Cold Outside' as consent anthem","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"A couple from Minnesota has \u003ca href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">re-imagined the 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Taiwan","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"President-elect Donald Trump spoke with Taiwan's President Friday, threatening to ignite a diplomatic showdown with China even before he takes office.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/12/02/opinions/boss-trump-in-action-dantonio/index.html","headline":"Boss Trump in action: Seeking talent, rewarding loyalty","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"At the first stop on a \u003ca href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">victory tour\u003c/a> that evoked his chaotic campaign, President-elect Donald Trump \u003ca href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">said\u003c/a>, \"We are going to appoint Mad Dog Mattis as our secretary of defense.\" The studious retired Marine GenJames Mattis has other nicknames, including \"Warrior Monk.\" But Trump learned much of what he knows about leadership at military school, and \"Mad Dog\" sounded just right to a man who was taught that life is all about determining where you fit into the pack","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/12/02/politics/michigan-attorney-general-files-suit-to-stop-recount/index.html","headline":"Michigan AG files suit to stop recount","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Michigan's attorney general announced Friday he would file suit to stop a recount requested by Green Party candidate DrJill Stein.","layout":""}],"articleListKey":"us-article-list","next":{"uri":"/2016/12/02/health/sandy-hook-gun-violence-psa-trnd/index.html","headline":"Sandy Hook PSA warns of subtle signs of gun violence","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"","layout":""},"previous":{},"isUsable":true} , registryURL: "", entitlementSingletons: [{"id":"ad_mod_011ba0778","scriptName":""},{"id":"ad_mod_9f54af080","scriptName":""},{"id":"ad_mod_ca8399b29","scriptName":""},{"id":"ad_mod_6bcebe613","scriptName":""},{"id":"ad_mod_c0eca7659","scriptName":""}] , singletonFile: "" , feedback: {"apiEndpoint":""} , uri: "/2016/11/30/us/southeast-severe-weather/index.html" , hasVideo: true};try {window.performance.mark("footerStart");} catch (err) {}

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