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Wyoming remains the U.S’ top energy producer

Wyoming is also leading the nation in coal production ... Natural gas is also the leading fuel for electricity generation in all three states; most homes in both California and New York primarily heat with natural gas as well. You can view the full ...

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Washington, DC - Despite the recent downturn, the Cowboy State remains the U.S’ top energy producer. That's according to a new report by the U.SEnergy Information Administration released on Monday (7/31/17). The report shows Wyoming stands alongside Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Dakota in supplying the country with the most energyIn fact, Wyoming has been the number one energy producer since the early 80's, when it overtook Texas. Wyoming is also leading the nation in coal production, and ranks sixth for natural gas-productionWhile coming in 42nd for the amount of energy we useIn recent years, Wyoming coal—particularly from the Powder River Basin—has been used at power plants in more than 30 statesMost of the state’s natural gas is shipped through pipelines crossing into Utah and Nebraska and delivered to markets in both the Midwest and West Coast Overall, 12 states produced more primary energy than they consumed, while 38 states and the District of Columbia were net recipients of energy. //Sizes from Google //320x700 = tablet //1050x200 = desktop //0x0 to 320x700 = phone

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