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Hawaii unemployment rate falls to 10-year low of 2.6 percent

Hawaii's jobless rate fell to a 10-year low of 2.6 percent ... billionaires love to put on a show China's king of e-commerce channeling the king of pop. A real estate mogul belting out 80s rock ballads. A tech tycoon banging the drums while dressed in ...

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While many celebrity real estate deals hit the headlines the vast majority are agreed behind closed doors and often never made publicThere are obviously official paper trails which do tend to leak out eventually but the detail behind many celebrity real estate deals are kept privateHowever, there are some weird and wonderful demands from the world of celebrities when looking to buy their dream property. Safe rooms The idea of a safe room is not new, often highlighted in movies, but while many of us thought they were theoretical and not practical, it is very different in the world of celebritiesReal estate agents who have dealt with the rich and famous have confirmed that safe rooms are often a condition of a new property and if not already available then one needs to be builtIn theory these rooms can be lifesavers in the event of attack or life threatening incidents but in reality they are rarely (if ever) used. Keep the fans away It goes without saying that fans of celebrities around the world will often ring up pretending to be interested in buying the property just to see how the other half liveIn theory many of us automatically assume it is difficult to filter the fans from serious buyers but real estate agents for the rich and famous have their own ways and meansThose interested in buying a property from a celebrity, often valued in the millions of dollars, will be asked to supply a letter from their bank confirming the are good for the moneyThis tends to separate the fans from the investors! Heliports As the cost of helicopter travel has reduced significantly over the years so demand for heliports has increasedThis offers the ability for celebrities to live in the more rural parts of the world, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, yet be just a helicopter journey away from their meetings and eventsIn days gone by heliports were seen as flamboyant but due to the ongoing reduction in travel costs they are nowhere near as exclusive as perhaps they once were. The design team We have all seen the rich and famous travelling around the world with their enormous team of helpersIt turns out that many celebrities looking to acquire their dream home will not even see the property until the deal is done and the property has been redesignedThey have teams who are well aware of their taste, their budget and their requirements with a simple job to make sure the house is exactly as the buy wants it before they move in. Celebrities chasing celebrity houses Many worldwide superstars are held in awe by the general public but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty they are no different to us except they may have a few extra dollars in their pocketTherefore, it is perhaps no surprise that celebrities have been known to battle for the properties of other celebrities when they come on the marketThere is a story of Mariah Carey, a superstar in her own right, who fought tooth and nail to buy Barbara Streisand’s old penthouseYes, Mariah Carey with a fan base counted in the millions desperately chasing down the property of Barbara Streisand when it came on the marketSo, celebs themselves do have their own idols! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. 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