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State of denial on sea rise on the NC coast

Stan Riggs is now more than a burr under the saddle of realtors and developers who deal in coastal property in North Carolina. The East Carolina University ... was simple. Builders and real estate agents got legislation passed that prevented the planners ...

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target : $('[name=' + this.hash.slice(1) +']'); if (target.length) { $('html,body').animate({ scrollTop: target.offset().top-60 }, 1000); return false; } } }); }); Due to the large number of agents in Austin, Texas, it can be difficult to know whom to trust with one of your largest financial transactionsHow can you tell during an initial interview whether an agent is well-qualified and the right fit for what you're looking for? “You should always look at the hard data and what the agent’s past performance has been,” says Shawn Culhane, CEO, broker and owner of Culhane Premier Properties“Every agent is No1 at somethingNo1 at what, though, is the question.” Before you sign any contracts, you need to know you’ve found the real estate agent who best complements your list of prioritiesU.SNews spoke with some of Austin’s top real estate agents to help you determine if the agent you’re interviewing is a champ or chump [Read: 5 Things to Do Now Before Selling Your House in Austin This Spring.] The agent has data documenting past performance Culhane believes the best way to predict future success is to look at past success“We bring statistics like number of units sold in the past 12 months, the dollar volume sold in the past 12 months and our list-price-to-sales-price ratios,” he saysThis kind of data will show the agent’s previous performance while offering a way to foresee what he or she could accomplish for you Hilary Herrin, Realtor with Mueller Silent Market, Turner Residential, also thinks information about an agent's production speaks volumes, especially if the agent has at least 25 to 30 transactions per year over a number of yearsHowever, always ask if the agent acted as a buyer’s agent or listing agent during these dealsYou want to make sure your agent has specific transaction data in buying if you’re looking for a home, or in selling if you’d like to put your home on the market The agent specializes in your area. “It’s extremely important to know the agent specializes in the location that you’re looking in and they’re aware of any specific quirks or issues that the neighborhood is known for,” says Redfin real estate agent Andrew VallejoAlso, asking where agents' last transactions occurred, what neighborhood they live in and how long they’ve lived in Austin can help weed out the contenders from the pretenders If you’re a buyer who’s interested in the current market situation and appreciation rates, having an agent with extensive local market experience who can make the right comparisons is criticalFor sellers, an agent who has sold many houses in your area will know average sale prices and possibly the buyer’s agent, which can help you broker a better deal [Read: 5 Things to Know About Selling a Home in Austin.] The agent has references and reviews. Many top real estate agents keep a list of references, sometimes 40 to 50, on hand at all times to help back up their data and customer service claimsReach out to former clients and colleagues on that list to gauge each agent’s qualifications and what he or she is like to work with Check out their digital presence, too, on sites like Yelp, Trulia, Zillow or to see reviews from clients, as well as where agents specialize, where they've sold before and whether real estate is their full-time professionBy seeing what previous buyers and sellers have to say about their experience, you’ll be able to verify whether each agent might fit your needs The agent communicates like you do. Whether it’s through email, text or phone calls, you should be on the same wavelength as your agent about how to communicateWhen you meet with agents for the first time, ask for their preferred method of communication and how often they like to communicateMake sure the answers match your expectations Culhane suggests asking what days and times they're available to speak, how often they’ll relay feedback and whether they're part of a team or operating as a lone agentIt’s essential to know if you’ll be speaking with more than one contact to help communication go smoothly [Read: The Best Places to Live in the USA.] The agent connects with you. “The right agent is the one who asks the question of what your wants and needs are throughout the transaction,” Herrin says“You’ve found a good agent when they’re able to connect with and understand you.” From the initial interview on, your personality should complement your agent’s and you should feel comfortable working with that person for several months Vallejo recommends touring a house or having a coffee meeting before agreeing to work with the agent full time to assess his or her knowledge of the neighborhood and whether you’re a good fit for each otherAsk agents about themselves and why they’re in the business to see if they’re passionate about their jobAlso ask whether they're working in real estate full time or on the sideIf you’ve signed and the connection sours, frankly tell the agent why it’s no longer a good fit, review the cancellation policy, and proceed either by solving any issues or finding another agent Looking for a real estate agent in Austin? U.SNews' Find an Agent tool can match you with the person who's most qualified for the job. //pull contents of BREAKPOINT-MEDIUM div in the above BREAKPOINT-SMALL var mediumBreakpointEl = document.getElementById("poll-sleeper-medium"); var smallBreakpointEl = document.getElementById("poll-sleeper-small"); if (mediumBreakpointEl) smallBreakpointEl.appendChild(mediumBreakpointEl.firstChild); Tags: Austin, real estate, housing market, home prices, new home sales, existing home sales Mandy Ellis is an Austin-based freelance writer who writes about real estate for U.SNews & World Report as well as food, travel and health topics for other outletsWith almost a decade of experience, her work has appeared in The Costco Connection, Pizza Today, Brit + Co, Austin Fit Magazine,, CultureMap Austin, and for the brands eBay and Hey Cupcake!You can find her on LinkedIn and her website, or email her at USN.ready().then(function() { $('#truncate-hq8axhe9vl-i2pjg2msp67').truncateHTML(); }); Find a Top Agent » [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] { max-width:684px } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] [data-step] { position: relative; text-align :center } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] [data-step] .error { text-align: left } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] [data-step] nav { position: absolute; left: 0; bottom: 0; text-align: left; } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] [data-step] nav a { color: #666; } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] [data-step] nav a:hover { color: #666; text-decoration: underline } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] [data-step] nav a::before { content: "\00AB \00a0" } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] .input-container { height:2.5rem; width:100%; margin: .75rem } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] .radio-tile-label { font-size: .8125rem } @media only screen and (min-width:40.0625em) { [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] [data-step] { height: 260px } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] [data-step].wizard-submit, [data-step].wizard-confirm { height: auto } [data-js-id="agent-referral-wizard"] .input-container { width:9.38rem } } Are you Buying or Selling? 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Next Back Let us know where to send your personalized Realtor recommendations and we're done! First Name First name is required. Last Name Last name is required. Email A valid email address is required. Phone Number Phone with xxx-xxx-xxxx format is required. Submit You expressly consent to being contacted by us and by our lenders and/or real estate professionals via the contact information provided by you in order that we may provide the services set forth on our site, and you hereby consent to any such calls even if your phone number is on any Do Not Call list. Privacy Policy Back Thanks! We are preparing your Realtor recommendations, expect to hear from us soon. 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