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Campus First Grows Presence in a New Student Market Through Acquisition of The LEX, off Campus Housing in Lexington, KY

LEXINGTON, Ky.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Campus First Student Living and CF Real Estate Services LLC have acquired The LEX, a 649 bed student housing project located within walking distance of the University of Kentucky (UK) in Lexington, KY.

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Here’s why marketing online is now a major stop on a buyer’s journey, and how agents can incorporate this new customer behavior into their marketing plans to attract, capture and close more leads. 1Home buyers start their search online The best way to make yourself valuable to a new client is by educating them on what to expect, right as they begin their home purchasing journeyAnd increasingly, that journey starts online. The National Associate of Realtors has found that 44% of buyers search properties online as the first step in their home buying process.  Even if home buyers don’t initially start their search online, the internet still plays a major role in their quest for a new home. NAR says that 95% of homebuyers will use online websites throughout the buying process.  Whether they start their search online or incorporate digital components later on, at one point or another home buyers will likely turn to the internet for resources, advice, and reviewsMake sure your real estate business is front and center for them to find as they navigate the web looking for helpful information —  and ultimately, a real estate agent. 2Your competition is already marketing online Real estate agents know better than anyone that the competition for business can be fierceYou can’t afford to let competing agencies dominate such an important platform for attracting home buyers. Just how many of your competitors have an online presence? According to NAR, 93% of real estate firms have a website. The fact that so many real estate firms have a website means that they’re likely marketing online to other channels as well. It could be worthwhile to investigate your competition’s digital presence and find out whether they’re also promoting their services in the following areas: Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Video (YouTube and Vimeo) Real estate listing sites (Zillow, Trulia, etc.) If you do spot your competitors involved with any of the platforms listed above, then it’s time to up your digital game so you can also be seen and heard online. If launching content on the same channels as your competitors is not within your immediate reach, it’s important to keep their online activities on your radar so you can come up with strategies for reaching the same audience of potential home buyers.

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