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Plainfield woman pleads guilty in mortgage fraud scheme

Two people pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges liked to their role in an eastern Connecticut mortgage fraud scheme.  

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Two more people, including a Plainfield woman, pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges linked to their role in an Eastern Connecticut mortgage fraud scheme. By GREG SMITH The Bulletin By GREG SMITH Posted Oct26, 2011 at 12:01 AM Updated Oct 26, 2011 at 11:52 AM By GREG SMITH Posted Oct26, 2011 at 12:01 AM Updated Oct 26, 2011 at 11:52 AM Hartford, Conn. .art_para{float:none !important;} p bs:newslist StartDate="20121121" EndDate="p bs:datecalc Months="3"" DateSort="1" UseObjects="1" ObjectClass="81" Taxonomywords="252,665" ExactTaxonomyMatch="1" Image="1" Count="4" --> .pgNumactive{ text-decoration:underline; } .pgactive{ color:#315680; } .pginactive{ color:#d2d2d2; } #pagingControlsPS ul li{ float: left; margin: 0px 5px; font-weight:bold; } .title-pager{font-weight:bold} var pagin = { changepg:function(pg,track,ps){ $('#pgctrlp').removeClass('pginactive').addClass('pgactive') $('#pgctrln').removeClass('pginactive').addClass('pgactive') if(pg=='next'){ artcurrent++; if(artcurrentAttorney David BFein.The two were involved in a group that from 2004 to 2007 used companies to arrange for “borrowers” to purchase more than 200 properties in New London County by obtaining funding from mortgage companies using false information, records show.Authorities said Urena and Logan both acted as borrowers and “buyers” in connection with various real estate transactionsIn 2006, Logan acted as a buyer in connection with the purchase of three properties in New London and one property in Norwich, records show.Logan, who used false information on application documents, received thousands of dollars for participating in the scheme, authorities said.Many of the properties wrapped up in the scheme have been foreclosed on, and lenders have suffered losses of millions of dollarsThe seven property transactions in which Urena and Logan were involved have resulted in losses of approximately $1.4 million.Urena and Logan face a maximum of 20 years in prison when they are sentenced Jan18.They are among 14 people to date who have pleaded guilty to various charges stemming from the scheme.var totalpg = 1; By GREG SMITH The Bulletin By GREG SMITH Posted Oct26, 2011 at 12:01 AM Updated Oct 26, 2011 at 11:52 AM if(totalpg>1){ buildpagein(); $('#pgctrln').click(function(){ pagin.changepg('next',true,true); }) $('#pgctrlp').click(function(){ pagin.changepg('prev',true,true); }) } function buildpagein(){ pagdata = 'Prev'; for(tp=1;tp 1){pagin.changepg(artcurrent,true,false);} $("#pagination1").prepend($("#toppage").html()); //==========DRAW LARGE IMAGE==========// var mainImageData_leftPadding = (656 - mainImageData_width)/2; var altimgcap_fsentence = mainImageData_caption.replace(/((\.|\?|!)(\s|)[A-Z](.+))/g, "$2"); var mainImageContainerInnerHTML = '; if(mainImageData_mycaplink != '){ mainImageContainerInnerHTML += '+mainImageData_credit+' |  '; }else{ mainImageContainerInnerHTML += '+mainImageData_credit+'; } mainImageContainerInnerHTML += '+htmlencode(mainImageData_caption)+'; mainImageContainerInnerHTML += '; $('#topmainimagecontainer').append(mainImageContainerInnerHTML); //==========DRAW LARGE IMAGE==========// //==========DRAW SMALL IMAGE==========// var mainImageData_leftPadding = (315 - mainImageData_width)/2; var mainImageContainerInnerHTML_sm = ' Zoom'; if(mainImageData_mycaplink != '){ mainImageContainerInnerHTML_sm += '+mainImageData_credit+' |  '; }else{ mainImageContainerInnerHTML_sm += '+mainImageData_credit+'; } mainImageContainerInnerHTML_sm += '+htmlencode(mainImageData_caption)+'; $('#mainImageContainer_sm').append(mainImageContainerInnerHTML_sm); sm_img = new Image(); sm_img.onload = function(){ mainImageData_leftPadding = (315 - sm_img.width)/2; if(sm_img.width >= 315){ smimgwidth = 260; }else{ smimgwidth = sm_img.width; } $('#art-main-image-credit-container_sm').css('width',smimgwidth).css('padding','3px '+(mainImageData_leftPadding - 3)+'px 0 0'); $('#art-main-image-caption-container_sm').css('width',sm_img.width).css('padding','5px 0 0 '+(mainImageData_leftPadding + 3)+'px'); $('#zoom-handle').css('padding-left',(mainImageData_leftPadding + 3)+'px'); }; sm_img.src = $('#mainImageImgContainer_sm').attr('src'); //==========DRAW SMALL IMAGE==========// $('#tmpZoomCont').append('); crowdyNewsWidget_flag = false; img = new Image(); img.onload = function(){ if(video_flag == false){ if(img.width img.width){ mainImageLarge_flag = false; mainImageSmall_flag = true; crowdyNewsWidget_flag = false; }else{ mainImageLarge_flag = true; mainImageSmall_flag = false; crowdyNewsWidget_flag = true; } } mainImageData_leftPadding = (656 - img.width)/2; $('#art-main-image-caption-container').css('width',img.width).css('padding','5px 0 0 '+mainImageData_leftPadding+'px'); $('#art-main-image-credit-container').css('width',img.width).css('padding','5px '+(mainImageData_leftPadding)+'px 0 0'); handleContentFlags(); if($('#topmainimagecontainer_img').width() >= 650){ $('#contents_updated').addClass('ftlt'); $('#contents').addClass('ftlt'); } }; img.src = $('#topmainimagecontainer_img').attr('src'); try{if( 1) { for (var aItKey, nKeyId = 0, aCouples ="&"); nKeyId 1 ? 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