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MLS debuts tool for buyers

About 90 percent of homes listed for sale in Northern Nevada are eligible for down payment assistance, but home buyers have a hard time finding the programs, according to real estate professionals.

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Every home cook should possess a few hand-held meal solutions, otherwise known as wraps.- 1:13 pm Interactive map: Reno-Tahoe hot springs Map to Reno-Tahoe area hot springs- 1:07 pm Adventures in Desolation Wilderness While Desolation Wilderness on the southwest side of Lake Tahoe is relatively small, it is...- 9:00 pm FEATURED:DealChickenPublicationsHealth Source (function(){ var _id; if((id=GEL.env.url.qsv.nav)){ var a= "mega,tab,on".split(","),n= GEL.ement("tab"+id); a.push(_id); for(var i=0,l=a.length;i ADVERTISEMENT MLS debuts tool for buyers 1:56 AM, Jun7, 2012 While most aid programs are aimed at first-time home buyers, a few can help all types of consumers. Print A A (function(){ GEL.thepage.initializer.addInitRoutine({ name: "sharelinks", namespace: ['widget.ArticleTools','org.jQuery'], callback: function(){initShareThis('top', false, '178959168788968', 'regular', true);}, priority: 31 }); GEL.thepage.initializer.addInitRoutine({ name: "fontsize", namespace: "widget.ArticleTools", callback: function(){initFontSize();}, priority: 99 }); })(); Written by Yun Long Filed Under Business Real Estate and Retail About 90 percent of homes listed for sale in Northern Nevada are eligible for down payment assistance, but home buyers have a hard time finding the programs, according to real estate professionalsOn Wednesday, the Northern Nevada Regional Multiple Listing Service introduced the Down Payment Resources Program to help home buyers and real estate agents navigate the process of finding the seed money necessary to buy a houseA lack of a down payment is a barrier to home ownership, national surveys show... 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